Celebrating 2 yrs. of Blogging!

Celebrating 2yrs of Blogging!

Happy month of August friends. I cannot believe that this month I am celebrating 2 years of blogging. I remember it all started with my mom telling me a story about a girl, who had gone through a lot in her life and created a career out of her blog. The seed was planted in my head but I didn’t really think anything of it. Later on, I started to see & hear more about blogging, how people were creating careers out of it. Blogging is not the same like years ago, I honestly had no idea what it was until I started doing my research & met up with a friend who shared with me a couple of tips on how to start one.

Why did I start blogging? 

What I can recall from my childhood I was always a different girl. I NEVER followed the crowd, never was into the things that other kids in my age were doing. I was always dancing, involved in creative things and had a few friends. Until today I have followed the same mindset and will never stop. After graduating college and realizing that getting a job in the fashion industry was going to be very difficult I felt confused. I was at a very low point in my life, felt lost because I had some many gifts and no one wanted to give me an opportunity. At that same time, I started sketching more and posting my work on Instagram and the buzz began. I didn’t want my blog to look like other bloggers, I wanted it to have significance, something different and I was very scared to jump into it.

After a year of doing research while working a part-time job that conveniently had a computer and it wasn’t that busy, I took the plunge and created my blog. I started blogging to share my knowledge & passion for fashion, life experiences, my artwork, and journey as a creative entrepreneur. Blogging is beyond the writing and images for me, is about the stories I create that connect with you my friends & other readers. Content that can be inspiring and educational with my own twist on it.

Blogging is very challenging 

Even though I have been blessed to meet so many people, attend conferences, events and work with different companies blogging is very challenging. I love to plan and be organized about my schedule, but this year for me has been very up and down and finding the time to create the content has been difficult. Blogging is not just sitting down writing and posting, is really thinking about the content that you will write. Making sure it’s accurate, clear, well written, content that will attract readers. 

There is so much more that goes into it, people don’t really know what goes on the blogging journey. There are times that I feel guilty for not posting or blogging about what everyone is blogging right now, but I have learned that I am on my own path, running my own race and there is no rush to be something I am not. So I take my time and share what is on my heart, blogging about my journey and doing it my way. Honestly, I know I can be more consistent blogging but I am making it work with the time that I have.

Things I have learned…


Writing skills


SEO ( please please learn more about it if you want to start blogging)





The World

Time has really flown by, but I am proud of the platform I have created. Blogging started as a way for me to get my gifts & talents into the world, but it has expanded beyond that. Blogging has helped me so much in my career, and personal life. No matter what happens in the blogging industry I won’t stop doing it. Hopefully, this platform will continue to inspire you, I have huge plans for it so stay tuned. Thank you all so much for taking the time to read my post, and commenting. If you are a blogger or want to start blogging please leave me a comment sharing what you liked about this post, and what you have learned about blogging as well. Have a great week friends!

with love,