Current Makeup Products I’m Loving

Greetings from my new home! in the last life update, I shared with you guys that I was moving. Let me just say that I love my new place. It’s very cozy and with a lot of work to get done. As I mentioned before one of my commitments was to blog more this month so I am sticking to it.  This week I am sharing the current makeup products that I am loving. Also, spring started yesterday and the warm tones and flowers are back in.

What girl doesn’t love makeup? once you enter any store that has beauty products that’s it, your money goes out of the window. Las week before moving I was trying to find some new makeup brushes. I noticed that my face was breaking out more than usual, and I remembered I hadn’t changed my brushes in a while. It’s important to clean them from time to time, due to the brushes collecting so much, that if they are not clean it all goes into your skin and can do damage. So I went on the Ulta app and found some really good brushes and specials, I got a 4 piece kit of brushes for $25.00, and with it a 12 piece gift bag. I also found a $3.00 coupon and I paid only 29.00 dollars!!

Nowadays we all have to be very smart how we invest our money. I had a budget and doing my research on various makeup items helped a lot. Products are getting expensive day by day, but there are ways to find good deals, by any means I’m not suggesting go buy makeup at the dollar store, noooooo but be smart on what you purchase, buy products that are made out of good quality.

I have been using the brushes for a week now and they are really good. I am not a makeup guru, but reading blogs and watching videos has helped. The additional bag of the 12 pcs that came with the order which was totally FREE since it was special, came with a lot of good items that I have been trying and currently giving them my thumbs up.

4 Brushes for a full face & eye look. Very soft, synthetic bristles and a travel case

The free 12 pc gift came with the following:

Full face highlighting stick

Full-size ultimate lashes black mascara

Full-size lip crayon

Travel size eyeshadow and brush highlighter palette

Travel size patent shine liquid lipstick

On the go makeup remover facial towelettes

Matte eye primer mini

Hydrating face primer

Cheek brush hair ties

Makeup sponge mini

Cosmetic bag

I have enjoyed using the mini make up palette, the crayon lipstick, and the brush. The other items I have not use them yet because I like to take my time to use the items little by little and not overwhelm my face.

I like to try new products and learn about beauty. Life gets really busy at times, we start leaving ourselves behind and it shouldn’t be like that. Women and men should always take care of themselves by doing small things like getting a facial, a pedicure, a massage and like, in this case, buying something that would benefit them. I needed these items especially the makeup brushes, I feel great doing my makeup bright early in the morning before going to work and feeling pretty. The small things we do for ourselves can make a great impact on others as well.  I hope you guys have a great week, share your thoughts on what you enjoyed the most on this post.


Here are some products I found in case you want to shop 🙂




Hello March!

January & February was a blur. It felt like they were the longest months. Happy 2019, my dear friends. Sometimes I ask myself is anyone reading my post?  is my post helpful? I feel like every content creator, blogger or writer hits that wall of not knowing. Blogging has become a platform for me to share what I know, what I like and to share my creativity. But it’s a platform that has become saturated and kind of competitive. I have been able to make friends, attend fun events, and work with different brands. But I know there is much more to it. March is going to be a busy month, I’m moving to a new place, getting back into my work out routine and committing more to the things that I truly enjoy, like blogging.

The next level

This March I want to go to the next level with my blog. I want to create content that is helpful for you my friends, I want to work with brands and grow my numbers. Why? because I want to make blogging my other steady side hustle. I enjoy and appreciate my job, but I’m trying to do some things on my own that I know it will help me in my future.

The Truth

If you want to become a blogger, let me just say is NOT EASY. Don’t get caught up on the pretty IG feeds, and cool websites. Blogging is a full-time job, most of the time you are on your own. It takes a lot of time and dedication. You have to be very committed and have a strong voice.

This Month

In March I’m making the commitment to really put some work into my blog. I want to share more about my everyday routine, what I use, what I have learned and various things that can give you more insight into who Kreadiv Misfit is. This journey has not been easy, it has taken a lot of me. it was challenged me in many ways, but I enjoy it. I truly enjoy creating content so I won’t stop no matter what. Even if I just get one person that writes on my comments I know that I will get there because blogging is not dead, and it is a great place to help others.

Maybe this will be a way for me to connect more with your friends, to find my way back into content creation and move into that next level. I get caught up on my everyday worries and forget sometimes on the things that I enjoy doing. I encourage you to commit to something this March, share with me on the comments below what are you committing to. It feels good to be back, I promise I won’t go ghost on you guys anymore.

with love,