I’m Going Back To School!

Hello Friends! yes, you read it correctly, I am going back to school! the word is out and I wanted to share this new journey with you guys. When life gives you new opportunities, you gotta step in and take them,

I am a costuming support specialist for Disney. They have a program “Aspire” dedicated for employees part-time or full-time that want to continue their education within their degree or selecting another one within their career. Even though I already have a degree in fashion design, I want to learn more about other skills.

If you are considering going back to school let me just say you are never too old to go back or it’s never too late. I have heard so many stories of people feeling ashamed or not feeling like they are good enough to go back. Why not? we never stop growing, we never stop learning.

Here are some good points on why going back to school is important:

Career Growth

In the industry that I’m in, there is something new every day. Not only I am able to grow at work but apply what I’m learning in school. There are so many opportunities within and outside of my workplace that I can create and go to school will help me to gain more knowledge and insight. Knowledge is power, my friends!

Expanding Your Mind

Learning something expands your mind. The more we can learn, the more we can have conversations with other people, we can relate to others, we meet new worlds and new places we never knew. Growing your mind is important, no matter what you do, take the time to learn something new every day


I believe that as women we can have it both. The brains and the looks, for me personally reading a book, learning something new really helps me to feel confident about myself. To feel more secure when I step into a room and can carry a conversation about anything. It gives me strength and self-empowerment.

Leaving a Legacy

I am trying to make a difference in the world. There are a couple of projects that I want to achieve within the upcoming years, and it takes time, sacrifice, effort, and knowledge. I want my children in the future (don’t have any kids currently) to see how their mom created her own opportunities and used her resources well.

Doing it for myself

I don’t mean to sound selfish, but who will do things for you? no one. I am doing something that will benefit me along the way, if I take care of myself, people around me will benefit from me. I will never take any opportunity for granted, and I have a chance to go to school for free so why not do it.

So yes I am going to school for free! I am grateful that I work for one of the best companies in the world, & for this opportunity. It will be challenging balancing it all, but I enjoy learning, and it will pay off. Blogging and creating content will continue to happen, don’t worry ūüôā

Today I encourage you, friends, to take any opportunity that goes your way. We live in a country full of resources, and we can do anything we want. If you are going back or starting a new career please share your process, your story on the comment box. I would love to hear more from you guys. Cheers to a successful week!

P.S: Enjoy a little illustration I made of myself <3

Back to school!

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Trend Alert: Polka Dots


Fashion Bloggers Bren & Pip Parkins

Illustrated by yours truly


Hello Friends! I feel like I always start my post saying “it’s been a while” but guys it has been a while. I am so sorry I have taken so long to write a blog post, life has been a little hectic and with a lot of transitions. Today I want to talk about how Polka dots are hot right now!! I haven’t seen this trend in a while, polka dots give me a vintage, chic, classy type of vibe. I was looking through my Instagram feed today, and saw so many girls that I follow wearing polka dots outfits. A combination of different pieces, and accessories, certain people are afraid of wearing polka dots, but is doable. You can mix and match pieces, like stripes, bold colors, and lots of denim, Also keep in mind that with any pattern you gotta consider size and proportion. I found some images of all these beautiful ladies wearing different styles of polka dots, and they all have different bodies.

Keep an eye of how they style them too. If you have a polka dot piece that you haven’t worn in a while or you aren’t to sure on how to wear it, this will give you some sort of idea, and inspiration for your polka dot outfit.

Polka dots from the Mulberry runway to the streets!


I have created a listed of items that you can shop now as well


with love,

Sharing My Creative Process

Happy April everyone! I know I am a bit late but I have taken some time to catch up with life. March was a very busy month for me. I had some great opportunities, last minute trips, and major disappointments. But through it all I made it, and it made me stronger, wiser and aware of what I really want in life. This month is flying by so before It gets any crazier, my goal is to continue to blog beneficial content for you. As you guys know I am a creative. The reason why I started this blog was to share my creativity with you guys. Creativity is not only about drawing, painting, or making something. For me it’s about creating something out of nothing, example writing this post I am using creativity. If you think about it everything around us has required creativity, we all use it all the time and sometimes we don’t even notice.¬†

As an entrepreneur I have learned that with every job, or gig I do there is a process. So today I am sharing with you my creative process when creating a fashion illustration. YES! Fashion illustration has really given me an outlet to express on how I feel about fashion, what I look in an image or source before creating a piece, and also it’s very important what tools I use. I hope you enjoy it so here it is!


Deciding the style is important for me. If is a piece I want to create to share on IG or my portfolio, I like to take my time and think of what kind of illustration I want to make. It can be women’s wear, or mens, streetwear or from the runway.¬†After deciding what kind of style I am creating, I look on Pinterest, or google for images that I can illustrate or gain inspiration to create one.

 I use a sketchbook and write any ideas based on my inspiration, or start sketching. I like to use colorful pens to write any notes or anything specific to help me in the process.

Headphones are blasting and I start sketching right away. I use a combination of different pencils, and pens to outline my work at the end.

Sometimes I like to use different mediums. Mediums are different materials that are used to create a work of art. Previously I have used oil paints, acrylics, and watercolors.

Mixing different mediums gives your work and process a different touch.

Copic Markers  have been my favorite recently. They are non-toxic, alcohol-based ink colors that are refillable, and have to sides. I really like them because they make my illustrations look more professional, and the color looks great on paper.

There are so many markers out there that you can use. When I was in college I used Prismacolor, which have two sides as well, and they are great too. Sometimes the color doesn’t blend to well, but if is something that I just want to draw really quick, I like to use these.
Before using markers, I used color pencils. Rendering certain pieces bring details alive.

After picking out what tools I’m going to use, I like to draw my sketch and use different references in case I am struggling on drawing certain parts.

Sometimes hands and feet are challenging for me. I go back to images I have sketched in the past, and it’s helpful so everything looks balance and not off.

After sketching my look, balancing proportions, coloring, rendering and taking care of any details, BAM! my sketch comes alive. This is from an original runway look from Fendi. To clean up lines, or any minor details I like to scan it and use photoshop, I also use apps like VSCO for any edits when sharing my work on my Instagram.

There you have it, my creative process on creating fashion illustrations. This process takes me about 2-3 hours, of course when I am not on a tight deadline or doing a live sketching event. I like to take my time and really enjoy the process, nothing should be forced when creating. I hope you guys enjoyed this post, let me know what’s your creative process, and how does it help you! I honestly love and enjoy reading your feedback. Have a great rest of the week and create create no matter what!!.


with love,



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NYFW Fall 2018 Favorite Looks

Happy March friends! 

Where did February go? I feel like I didn’t even see last month, it just went away with the wind. I am grateful to say that the season that I’m in has taught me a lot, and I keep learning new things and growing everyday as a creative. When seasons change it’s hard but we learn so much about ourselves and how we can react to it. Since last year I had all this plans, and I was saving money for NYFW (New York fashion week). I had written a couple of pitches to email to new designers, showrooms and I was planning my NYFW experience. I was invited to three shows, but unfortunately my life experienced some changes and I couldn’t go. Sometimes as much as you want something, you have to be smart and think realistically. I decided not to go because I knew I had other things to take care of and I really wanted to continue to work on my brand.

A lot of people were asking me if I was attending and I just had to give a simple answer. I had to ask myself why do I really want to go to NYFW? Since the expansion and popularity of social media, we have more access to what’s going on in the world. I remember when I used to read about NYFW and dreamed of attending. There were no websites showcasing collections, not live streaming or any other platforms where you were informed. People were either informed by reading newspapers & magazines about shows or by private invitation. Now a days I feel like NYFW is more accessible to people, and is not so private as it used to be. So what do you do if you cannot physically attend the shows and parties? I will share with you today how to stay up to date, and keep up with all of your favorite designers from the comfort of your home, office, studio which ever you choose, and also sharing illustrations of my¬† favorite looks from the runway. I want to give a shout out to my friend Jordan Little who is a dancer & fashion enthusiastic, he advised me to share about NYFW and how to attend without actually being there.


http://nyfw.com/ For the schedules, live and recap videos- You can also download the app and watch the shows from your phone.







Now you can follow hashtags so you wont miss a thing! You can also look up any designer under a hashtag and find any content on their work.










Here are my illustrations that I created with my favorite looks from Phillip Lim, Zimmermann, John Elliot, Creatures of Comfort, Ulla Johnson and Oscar de la Renta.

There were so many great¬† collections but these were my favorite. Each designer had such a unique touch and story behind it. Designers along with their team work so hard to create and showcase their work, for me watching the shows it’s inspiring. It’s more than the clothes, it’s seeing how designers create different looks, cuts, the fabrics and connect their stories with their brands. I encourage you to check out some shows if you haven’t yet, and if you are interested in attending fashion week or working it as a volunteer check out¬†http://nyfw.com/ for information. Don’t get discouraged if you haven’t been able to attend, you can keep up in so many ways, specially social media. I will definitely be attending in September and will create another post on how to attend shows, and get your foot in the door. If you watched any shows or attended what were your favorite looks? Thank you so much for taking the time and reading my post, have a great week friends!

with love,




Just Keep Going!

Where did January go? I just realized when I looked at my planner and saw that on Friday February begins. I wanted to create a simple post where I could share a little life update, and also some encouragement. I love to create post sharing a product, tips, and other cool things but sometimes I like to write from the heart and keep it just real. Social media sometimes makes us feel like everyone is living the “perfect” life. To be honest a lot of us don’t even show half of the things that we are going through, we just share our good moments, and yeah there is a balance in sharing so that is why I am doing this life update, and changing the pace a little bit.

This month has been very challenging in all the areas of my life. Emotionally, financially and spiritually but I’m not going to go in details because that is TMI, and I don’t think you want to read that much lol! So I am going to start with the closed doors and the rejection that I have been facing. I’m Sure you have had moments where you question everything in your life, and you don’t get why you haven’t been able to get that dream job, opportunity or why did that person rejected you.
I don’t think no one is ready for that. It takes a toll in your life, and personally I have had my moments where I been wanting to quit. This morning I woke up in some sort of funk, and I had to get up, go for a walk and listen to a podcast. It helped me to go outside and clear out my head a little bit, the funny thing is that the podcast I was listening to was from a pastor in Miami talking about how “There is more to NO and closed doors”. Even on my feed on Instagram a quote appeared that said “Don’t stress about the closed doors behind you. New doors are opening if you keep moving forward”.It was a sign so I had to share this on today’s post.

I created this illustration and wrote all the words that come to mind when I get a big NO or some door closes. I mixed some mediums like acrylic and oils for this and while I was painting, it reminded me that life is a process. This journey is not easy and while I waited for the paint to dry a little bit, it hit me that this painting process is like life, all we can do is be patient, have faith and not give up. It’s easy to say, but that is why we share our stories to remind each other how can we overcome and persevere.

If you are going through a similar season, let me just tell you that you are not alone. A lot of us are in this together, facing constant challenges and we cannot give up. It hit me hard that doors of close friendships and opportunities have been shut in my face, and I just have to let it go. I was kind of hurt and wanted to hold on some resentment but it’s not worth it. Doors close for better doors to open and I will continue to believe in that.

So my dear friends today I encourage you to let it go, keep moving forward, do whatever you need to do and keep applying to that job, make that move, take that leap of faith, pray, spend time with your love ones and just enjoy the season you are in no matter the circumstances. God has greater doors for you, so don’t be discouraged. I hope you guys enjoyed this post, and keep going no matter what!.

with love,


Welcome 2018!


 1st Illustration of the year! Inspired by a photograph I found at Nylon Magazine online. Added my own little twist to it by drawing my fave books.
Hello Friends…

Happy New Year! I cannot believe that 2018 is here. Time is really flying by and we have to continue to do the best that we can. I hope you guys had a great time during the holidays, and now we are all back to work. I have to say 2017 was a year of many many losses for me. Even though it was a challenging year, there were some major accomplishments and I am proud to say that 80%  of my goals were met. Today January 2nd I took some time to write my goals for this new year, keeping it realistic and simple. I shared some tips on my Instagram stories but definitely I will be creating a blog post soon sharing how and what I use to create my goals.

Starting this new year there has been some big changes in my life already, and life has already shifted in some interesting ways. I realized that this year I have to kick comfort out of my life and face change so I can see progress. I am very excited for this year, praying and hoping for great opportunities, growth, and peace. I encourage you that whatever you are struggling with,  it will pass and you will make it through. You are not alone because I am facing some challenges right now and I will overcome them, so we are in this together friends.

Be encourage to set your goals, this is a new day, a new week, a new year, a new month. We are starting fresh so no more looking back and only looking forward. So what can you guys expect from me this month? well you shall see me here more! I will create and post more content. Content that you guys can find beneficial, and of course sharing bits and pieces of my life. I got a content calendar and I am committed to follow it, for the love of blogging and the appreciation I have for you guys. If you guys have any suggestions, ideas or anything you would like me to blog about, please let me know down below in the comment box.

Blessings and the best wishes for you guys on this new year! Let’s make it happen. <3

 From the heart,


Kreadiv Misfit 


Live Drawing At Vera Bradley

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure to illustrate live at one of the many stores that Vera Bradley has. The store where I illustrated is located in Orlando, FL. inside one of the most popular malls; The Florida Mall. I had the pleasure to attend one of the events they had at another location, and I learned so much about the brand. Before the event I visited the store and Jacquelyn the store manager shared with me so much information and facts about the company.

Many fellow bloggers, friends and family members came to visit me. I’m not gonna lie but I was little nervous. As soon as I sketched my first model, I was able to relax a little and get ready for a fun day.

The awesome team from the store created this cute set up for customers, and included the giveaway, products and some snacks.

This was the giveaway! An adventure key necklace, fine point pen set and a sticky note set.

My set up for the day!

My first model Jacquelyn, also a fellow creative!The lovely Store Associates & Clients.

Friend & Blogger Kiara and her boyfriend.

Sketching my dear friend & blogger Fiorella

Outfit of the day was a cute romper “Coming soon to the blog” and some cute black comfortable booties.

Facts about Vera Bradley: 

  • Founded in 1982 by Patricia Miller and Barbara Bradley Baekgard.
  • The company was started with just $500.
  • Fabrics that the company uses on their products are: quilted cotton, solid microfiber, leather and nylon fabrications.
  • Besides multiple handbags & other accessories, they also produce bedding, swimwear, cover-ups, sunglasses, umbrellas, stationary, tech products and socks.
  • The Vera Bradley Foundation for breast cancer has an annual women’s golf and tennis tournament in Fort Wayne, Indiana to raise funds for breast cancer research.

This was such a fun event. Thank you to this team of ladies who prepared the event, and were my models as well, I had a blast drawing people live, sharing about the brand and making new friends. Thank you also to Vera Bradley for giving me the opportunity and I can’t wait to be part of another great event.

I hope you guys enjoyed this awesome post, don’t forget to visit Vera Bradley at your nearest mall or online, and check out the awesome products that they have. Have a great week and continue to create, share and inspire.


Kreadiv Misfit

Hello September!!

Hello Friends!

Greetings from Florida. As you all know we have a massive hurricane on the way by the name of IRMA. It’s suppose to hit us by Sunday, and this week has been a bit weird due to all of this happening. We are trying to prepare as much as we can and trusting God that he will keep our state safe. Besides all that happening, it’s a new month! I can’t believe September is here and there is so much happening.

I am looking forward to…


The shows, street looks, trends and all the craziness. This year due to the hurricane I couldn’t make it to NY. ¬†I would have love to attend, but my priority is my family and I wouldn’t be able to be at peace knowing that there is so much going here in FL. As for right now I am keeping up with the shows while watching ¬†http://nyfw.com/ ¬†and of course on social media.


                               The color scheme, boots, heavy denim, and flannel shirts.


The different tones, sizes and colors of leaves when they fall from the trees. So pretty!


August was a very busy month, I am very proud of myself because I was consistent with my channel and blog, I did see the growth but I was exhausted. ¬†It is very challenging to work a full time job, working side projects, keep up with social media, create content for YouTube, the blog and having a life. I barely made it to the gym, ate badly and didn’t really have enough sleep. I have noticed that my face has suffered too, so for this month I promise myself to make more time to read my bible, get enough rest, get back into working out, eating healthy and have a balance life. As much as I love being busy and seeing my work grow, it’s not smart to sacrifice my health.

I hope you guys are having a great September so far! Please Subscribe to my blog so you won’t miss any content, and leave me a comment telling me what are you looking forward to this month! Have a great weekend <3

P.S: Check out my recent FALL illustration, a little preview of the process.

Kreadiv Misfit



Disclamer: I don’t own any rights to this images. They were found on Pinterest, except my Fall illustration.


1yr. Anniversary

Happy Anniversary!

Hello Friends! Last Friday I celebrated my 1 year anniversary. 1 year of creating content for my blog, YouTube channel and social media platforms.

I did not expect nothing of it. I was in a season of disappointment, lacking motivation but inside I knew I had it in me to start something. I did a lot or research, prayed a lot, reached out to my friend Laila for guidance and a lot of doubts.

1 year of walking into the unknown.

1 year of doubts & fears.

1 year of a lot of late nights.

1 year of many sacrifices.

1 year of planning content.

1 year of exposing my craft to the world.

1 year of new opportunities.

1 year of new friendships.

1 year of learning about myself.

1 year of getting rid of insecurities.

1 year of creating my own happiness.

1 year where I took the best leap of faith.

I am so happy I took the risk and jumped on this wagon. It has been a wild ride but a fun one where the impossible has been possible.

THANK YOU ALL for your support & love throughout this year. I can’t believe how fast it went, but glad I invested and worked hard to see my creative platforms grow and see how it has impacted you guys.

I hope you  are motivated & inspired to take a leap of faith, a risk or go after that dream that has been in your heart. It is worth it just know it takes a lot of work and a lot of patience.




Pitti Uomo 2017

Hello Darlings!!

Let’s pack your bags, your imagination and creativity and let’s travel to Florence Italy! Italy is known for their beautiful scenery, vineyards, food, art and culture but also for their taste in fashion. You know how in New York we have New York Fashion Week, in Italy there is also Milan Fashion week where ¬†some of the class brands like Prada, Gucci, and Armani are of Origin. As a fashion influencer and future designer, I have to always be on top of my game. I have to keep up with the latest news in fashion, what’s going on, which new brands are coming out and so on. Sometimes we focus on just looking at Pinterest , Fashion websites or Instagram to know what’s going on in fashion and yeah it is helpful but we need to learn that there is more out there, and that’s why I wanted to create this post and teach you all about Pitti¬†Uomo, so let’s do this!


Pitti Uomo is one of the world’s most important platform’s for men’s clothing,

accessory collections, and for launching new projects for men’s fashion. A four-day event held in Florence, Italy and has been around since 1972. Many retailers, buyers, ¬†editors attend to view the upcoming collections, and since blogging has growing so much, there were many influencers and bloggers that attend the event and share on social media that now it is really well-known.

Recently 1,200 brands presented which draws 25, 000 buyers, and in Italy the govt has upped the quota for the fashion industry from 23 million euros to 24.3 million about 3 years ago according to WWD magazine, they continue to support the fashion industry which is well-known for their great fabrics and tailoring.


Check out this video on YouTube  so you can learn more!       https://youtu.be/gZcGLwXbkao


As you guys know I love doing illustrations from my favorite fashion shows or events, when I found out about Pitti I started doing my research,  learned more about it and started following a lot of bloggers and influencers. I love menswear and the details and how clean and precise some of the items are.

Here are some of my favorite street style looks:


Here are these two fashionable men Rui Martins and Niccolo Cesari .

They are both very well-known for their style and passion for fashion, I love the details on their coats and accessories.

Check them out on Instagram:    https://www.instagram.com/niccocesari/



When I saw this image on the feed from Pitti, it caught my eye because of the powerful play of patterns. JJ88Fashionist  makes it look so chill, he is just looking at the news but in such a fashionable way making a statement.


Ladies!! we can rock suits too, not only the guys made a statement at Pitti but there

were some pretty stylish women that brought their A game! I was very excited to see women represent by looking powerful and also chic. Here is Monika Kaminska  wearing

a RTW harvey suit and looking so sharp. So yeah we as women can rock a dress and a tailored suit as well.

I had such a great time creating this looks, and learning about Pitti.I encourage you to go out there and learn about what’s going on in the world, thank you for taking the time and reading my post I hope you enjoy it and that you were able to learn something new.



Kreadiv Misfit <3