My Dance Life

Hello Friends!

How is everyone’s week going?

Mine has been a bit hectic and I have learned many lessons in the past two days. WOAH!

It’s been way too much, but on a good note I have been able to have some fun lately. Last night I attended a private event that I was invited to at Earls Kitchen + Bar .

It was so cool, lots of great food , drinks and I got to meet fellow bloggers and influencers. The event was a spring party  featuring the latest fashion and fast cars. They also had a silent auction supporting kids beat cancer.  If you are ever in Orlando, FL you must check it out, it’s a great place.

Besides all the eventful things that have happen this week, today Thursday I woke up thinking about dance. I noticed I haven’t really spoke much of it and it’s a huge part of my life.

So here it goes…..

I started dancing since I was 3 yrs. old in Colombia. My first performance was a salsa piece with a little boy named Jorge and according to my mother that’s when my parents knew that I was going to be a dancer.


Growing up I was always choreographing pieces for family gatherings, school performances and even when I moved from Colombia to the U.S my passion never changed.

In high school I joined the drama club, chorus, the hispanic club and the International festival which showcased dancers from all over the world. I was that girl in high school know as the “Star in the making” because I was so involved in every performance at school.

17361773_10210994268506342_3839144358021219446_n (1)
Senior yr. of high school dancing for Salsa Artist Victor Manuelle

In my senior year not knowing where I was going to go to college or do with my life. I joined a local dance crew in my hometown in Orlando. It was a very well known crew, and the moment I saw them perform it became my goal to be part of it.

While I waited to be part of this crew, I continued taking dance classes and training with different dancers, I did a couple of shows and auditioned for many artist. I started working at Disney dancing with Mickey and friends for all the parades which was a goal since I was little and it happened.

I became part of SolosCrew & grew so much as a dancer and as an individual . The leader of this crew Carrie which is a closer friend of mine until this day,  met me when I was 17. She mentored me and lead me to continue to follow God’s heart.


With SolosCrew I learned about ministry, about God’s love and his people. It was a ministry before a dance crew and it served the community. We did many great events and music videos with various artist. Even though we have all grown, and moved on I will forever be grateful for the great times. These women will continue to have a special place in my heart.


#Throwback to our first music video with Choreographer Julie Johnson in Alabama.
Here is my first headshot! haha great #Throwback



I grew up in the Florida dance scene. I attended many dance events. Trained and competed with many talented dancers, and traveled to places I would have never imagined. You will be surprised that many of the best dancers have come out of FL.


The Dance scene is FL has a very special place in my heart.


I have been able to be part of one of the best Entertainment crews in the NBA. BlueCrew, a crew full of entertainers of many forms. We have been able to travel to Brazil, London and do a couple of performances during the games. Another great family that dance connected me to.

NBA 2012 All-Star Game

My skill grew so much in FL, but I wanted to grow more and take my career to the next level. So a great door opened in Los Angeles, CA the famous LA LA LAND and I moved leaving everything I knew.

I was able to train with Tina Landon choreographer for Michael Jackson, Tina Turner, Britney Spears & many others.

The LA dance scene was very different. Very exciting, I met another level of dance. I am not gonna lie it was hard because the industry is very harsh, and requires so much but I wanted to be the best so I took on the challenges & struggles that came with it which made me stronger and better at my craft.

Mariel Madrid! I watched so many of her dance videos, such an inspiring choreographer.

I used to watch America’s Best Dance Crew. I loved the Beat Freaks because they were so talented and did not compromise their style at all. I was able to take their first ever class at ML Studio in North Hollywood. We even had a freestyle session with some of the best dancers in Hollywood.


LA has help me grow so much as an artist. New to the scene there wasn’t a day where I wasn’t training, auditioning or attending dance events. I have been able to do different performances, and work with many talented artist because of it.



I have made so many great friends from many backgrounds, journeys dreams and passions. We all started as dancers and have evolved into entrepreneurs. Stepping out  of my comfort zone has been the best decision I have ever made in my life. Some peeps in these photos are my best friends for life, they have a little piece of my heart with them.


So where am I with dance right now?

I know this blog has been mainly about fashion but dance introduced me to fashion. I discovered I was not only talented at dancing but at many other things.  Even though a lot of people  has questioned my journey, I was never created to be in just one box.

I love dance, I love the craft,  the feeling that comes in my heart every time I hear a beat. My body can’t stop moving, I create moves that speak my feelings. It has been a journey a very hard journey where I have been rejected many many times. But great doors have been opened too and I can’t never take that for granted.

I STILL DANCE! not dancing for any major artists right now or touring. I still train and take classes when I can. As I have mentioned in past posts I have been dealing with some health issues which I’m still in the process of finding out and it has affected my body which makes it hard to dance. It sucks, I have cried, and have prayed to God but it’s just a season. and maybe this season is preparing me for another greater season that I need to be ready for.

I will dance until is my time to go. Even if is just dancing in my living room I will never let go of my gift. The gift that God gave me to inspire and bless others. The gift that was there for me when no one acknowledge me. The gift that helped me with my confidence and the one God used to transformed me into who I am now.

Thank you for letting me share my journey , I will keep you all updated with my dance life. No matter what let’s keep dancing through life, and never give up on a dream or any gift that you have.


Kreadiv Misfit



Creating a Visual Board!

Happy 2017 my dear friends!

It’s a new year, and we all have the opportunity to start with a clean slate. I honestly don’t like resolutions but goals, it makes more sense and it’s less pressure. This first week since day 1 I have taken the time to really dig deep and look into the goals that I want to accomplish and really commit myself too. Not just only work work work, but taking care of myself, growing in my faith and spending time with others.

I am a visual person, I love to have something in front of me that can remind me of the things that I want to accomplish. I want to share with you guys, helpful tips on how to put together a vision board and what exactly is it. Hopefully you will all find it helpful and if you have any tips you want to share definitely leave a comment, I wish you all the best for this year and let’s make it happen.


A vision board is a tool used to help clarify, concentrate and maintain focus on a specific life goal. Literally, a vision board is any sort of board on which you display images that represent whatever you want to be, do or have in your life. (found on Wikipedia)

You can create one on your laptop, iPad or phone or just make one for your office or room using actual images from magazines. I used to do this a lot but since I discovered pinterest, things have changed and pretty much I just do it on my iPad by using an awesome app called (Pic Collage) which is free and it’s very helpful.

1.) Visualize your goals, what do you picture yourself getting done? what do you wanna accomplish?

2.) Once you have an idea of what your goals can look like, start googling , looking on Pinterest, magazines or using any kind of search engine that you like and find images that can remind you of that goal that you imagined. I love finding creative images, quotes, anything random that comes to mind trust me you will find it.

3.) Gather as many images that you can and save them, that way when you start putting your vision board together and you have plenty of choices.

4.) There is no right or wrong way of placing the images,  I like to place like a quote next to a strong print, or an image of an object next to just another random image that way they can pop together, it doesn’t have to match the idea is for you to remember and have that visual to remind you of what you wanna get done.

5.) Some of the tools that I have used are very inexpensive, I have used a cork board that you can find at any arts and craft store  like Michael’s or Jo Ann’s, I know Walt Mart has them too. Scissors, glue, color pencils, glitter, stickers or anything that you would like use it and have fun. Now if you wanna do it digitally; just find an app where you can create a collage and do it, that way you can use it as a background in all your gadgets.


Check out Pic Collage:

If you need an exapmple for your board,  this is mine. My 2017 Vision board that includes all the images that I found on Pinterest, and I used of course Pic Collage to put them all together. It includes my personal, spiritual and career coals.


I also created one for the month of January, including my goals that way I can remember what I am working on, and that way it’s more organize and precise.


I hope you guys enjoyed this post, go out there create your vision board, have fun, don’t be a perfectionist about it and  just do it! Creating a visual board has truly helped me accomplish my goals in the past few years, and has motivate me and inspired me,

Much Love,

Kreadiv Misfit




Cheers to Adulting !

Hello Friends!

I remember being 16 and planning my whole life, telling my cousin that I couldn’t wait until I was 18 to be an “adult” and be free. Well…nobody told me that honestly being an adult was going to be very interesting, not only you have freedom but you have major responsibilities. I am 28 yrs old and yeah I have been adulting for a while now, but every year adulting changes, and it becomes more and more challenging.

For my readers who are experiencing adulting or are going to adult, I want to share my tips and what has work for me. This year I started a full-time job, and I really like it. I have always had different jobs and gigs, never a full time job with benefits, as I get older my perspective on life has change a bit, I want some stability and my health has change. In order for me to achieve the goals that I have in mind, I have to modify and commit to certain things to get there, I hope you guys find this helpful and if you are adulting keep going, you will make it! if you are not adulting yet, take it slow, learn and get ready.


  1. SLEEP :    So when I was younger I didn’t care about sleeping, I was fine with 4 hours and I was able to work and do things fine, but once I started getting older my body started to change & I learned the importance of sleep. What has work for me is using my alarm bedtime option on my iPhone, you set up your bed time schedule and it would tell you how many hours and it reminds you at what time you should go to bed. Everyone’s sleeping schedule is different but according to doctors and experts you should get in between 7-8 hours.prepping.jpg

2.   PREP THE NIGHT BEFORE: This is key so you can enjoy a little extra of sleep or not having to stress in the morning in case you wake up late. Lately what has helped me a lot is prepping my outfit, knowing what to wear helps me not to stress and change 20x before leaving the house. Meal prep is very helpful as well, eating out it’s very expensive sometimes and unhealthy; trust me I love eating out, but every day is just too much. So prepping what you are going to eat and packing snacks is helpful throughout the day.


3. TO DO LIST & CALENDAR:  Planning and prepping for the week is helpful, organization is key to succeed as an adult or just in life. Keeping a to do list of the priorities that have to be met, deadlines, meetings even days off is very important. I have a planner for the whole year, I like to write when bills are due, work schedule, events and I also have a calendar where I can keep track of those important tasks as well. Now a days there are so many apps where you can write a  to do list or keep a calendar so there is no excuse of not knowing what’s going on, or missing important dates.


4. WORK OUT: I have to be honest after working all day it’s very hard to work out. Some people like to wake up early and get their work out-of-the-way, but if you are not a morning person  like me…haha try to work out after work at least 3x a week and on the weekends. If you don’t enjoy the gym as much, go work out with a friend, run around your neighborhood, take a dance class or work out at home watching YouTube workout  videos. It’s  important to exercise, it would help you mentally, physically and healthy which is priority.traveling

5.  DO SOMETHING YOU LOVE:  Not everything is paying bills, and work work work. You also gotta make time to do things that you love like traveling, drawing, watching your favorite show. Any kind of hobby that you enjoy don’t stop doing it, make time for it.


6. SAVE MONEY: I wish I would have listen to my mother, I never really learned about saving and I wish I would have save some money because it would have helped so much, but hey it’s never to late. If you are younger and you are starting your first job, get a savings account and star saving an amount from your paycheck, you will see how helpful it will be if you ever encounter financial hardships. Learn how to save for trips, anything that you want to get instead of getting a credit card and getting in debt.


7. MAKE TIME FOR YOUR LOVED ONES: I know life gets busy, but one thing we must not forget is about our love ones. Just a simple text or call to your family or friends, planning a night out or any activity where you can spend quality time with the people who you love. Don’t take anyone for granted and always find time for them.

Thank you for taking the time and reading this post, I hope it helps you as much as it has helped me, everything I have written I have done and has helped me to be a more responsible and mature adult. The first six images I found them on Pinterest, they really inspired me to put this blog post together and if you need more tips on how to adult better, you can find tons of info on Google, Pinterest and other blogs. Stay inspire, love more and create.!

XOXO Kreadiv Misfit