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I remember being 16 and planning my whole life, telling my cousin that I couldn’t wait until I was 18 to be an “adult” and be free. Well…nobody told me that honestly being an adult was going to be very interesting, not only you have freedom but you have major responsibilities. I am 28 yrs old and yeah I have been adulting for a while now, but every year adulting changes, and it becomes more and more challenging.

For my readers who are experiencing adulting or are going to adult, I want to share my tips and what has work for me. This year I started a full-time job, and I really like it. I have always had different jobs and gigs, never a full time job with benefits, as I get older my perspective on life has change a bit, I want some stability and my health has change. In order for me to achieve the goals that I have in mind, I have to modify and commit to certain things to get there, I hope you guys find this helpful and if you are adulting keep going, you will make it! if you are not adulting yet, take it slow, learn and get ready.


  1. SLEEP :    So when I was younger I didn’t care about sleeping, I was fine with 4 hours and I was able to work and do things fine, but once I started getting older my body started to change & I learned the importance of sleep. What has work for me is using my alarm bedtime option on my iPhone, you set up your bed time schedule and it would tell you how many hours and it reminds you at what time you should go to bed. Everyone’s sleeping schedule is different but according to doctors and experts you should get in between 7-8 hours.prepping.jpg

2.   PREP THE NIGHT BEFORE: This is key so you can enjoy a little extra of sleep or not having to stress in the morning in case you wake up late. Lately what has helped me a lot is prepping my outfit, knowing what to wear helps me not to stress and change 20x before leaving the house. Meal prep is very helpful as well, eating out it’s very expensive sometimes and unhealthy; trust me I love eating out, but every day is just too much. So prepping what you are going to eat and packing snacks is helpful throughout the day.


3. TO DO LIST & CALENDAR:  Planning and prepping for the week is helpful, organization is key to succeed as an adult or just in life. Keeping a to do list of the priorities that have to be met, deadlines, meetings even days off is very important. I have a planner for the whole year, I like to write when bills are due, work schedule, events and I also have a calendar where I can keep track of those important tasks as well. Now a days there are so many apps where you can write a  to do list or keep a calendar so there is no excuse of not knowing what’s going on, or missing important dates.


4. WORK OUT: I have to be honest after working all day it’s very hard to work out. Some people like to wake up early and get their work out-of-the-way, but if you are not a morning person  like me…haha try to work out after work at least 3x a week and on the weekends. If you don’t enjoy the gym as much, go work out with a friend, run around your neighborhood, take a dance class or work out at home watching YouTube workout  videos. It’s  important to exercise, it would help you mentally, physically and healthy which is priority.traveling

5.  DO SOMETHING YOU LOVE:  Not everything is paying bills, and work work work. You also gotta make time to do things that you love like traveling, drawing, watching your favorite show. Any kind of hobby that you enjoy don’t stop doing it, make time for it.


6. SAVE MONEY: I wish I would have listen to my mother, I never really learned about saving and I wish I would have save some money because it would have helped so much, but hey it’s never to late. If you are younger and you are starting your first job, get a savings account and star saving an amount from your paycheck, you will see how helpful it will be if you ever encounter financial hardships. Learn how to save for trips, anything that you want to get instead of getting a credit card and getting in debt.


7. MAKE TIME FOR YOUR LOVED ONES: I know life gets busy, but one thing we must not forget is about our love ones. Just a simple text or call to your family or friends, planning a night out or any activity where you can spend quality time with the people who you love. Don’t take anyone for granted and always find time for them.

Thank you for taking the time and reading this post, I hope it helps you as much as it has helped me, everything I have written I have done and has helped me to be a more responsible and mature adult. The first six images I found them on Pinterest, they really inspired me to put this blog post together and if you need more tips on how to adult better, you can find tons of info on Google, Pinterest and other blogs. Stay inspire, love more and create.!

XOXO Kreadiv Misfit



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