Creating Goals For 2018

Hello Friends!

I hope you guys had  a great weekend. I had a  first challenging week of 2018, but I am not surprised. Personally I think that whenever you want to achieve something great, life will challenge you in many ways and you have to adjust and overcome. Last week I took some time to think about my goals for this year, and what do I really want to achieve. We can get caught up on the high of a new year, resolutions and setting up goals, but do we really take the time to sit and think about our goals? our way of doing things? 

After thinking and writing down some things, I shared an insta story video on my Instagram and asked people if they wanted me to share my tips on how to create achievable goals for this year. 87% said yes!  So today I am sharing my tips and what I used to set my goals.

1.) Get a planner!

A planner will help you so much. I can’t recall the last time I didn’t function with one. At some point in my life I had more than one planner. A planner will help you stay focus, complete priorities and important things that you have in life. I write down important things that have to get done in order to achieve my goals. 

2.) A notebook or Journal: I always keep a journal or notebook to write down ideas, or notes on something important. You can get any kind and create something that will keep you excited for the things that you have to accomplish.

3.)  Paper, pen and keep it simple! I took a blank piece of paper, divided it into the middle and wrote on each side personal and career. I wrote down two categories because I wanted to keep it simple, and not overwhelmed myself. Use your favorite pens or pencils, and keep this goal list in a place where is viewable for you. 

Finding out your style, and doing things your way is very helpful. I know there are so many resources out there on how to achieve your goals, and what to do but you can create your own. I found some great tools, and just kept it simple. Life gets busier, crazy and we can’t always achieve what we set ourselves to do.

2018 will be a year of achievement, and of progress. Wishing you all the best and I hope you enjoyed this post. If you have any particular ways to create your own goals please leave me a comment, I would love to read all about it. Have a great week and stay tune for more fun post.

with love,

Kreadiv Misfit


Disclaimer: This post was not sponsored. All opinions are a 100% honest.




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