Indoor Cycling with CycleBar Winter Park!

Hi Friends!! Greetings from the beautiful Miami, FL. I just arrived today and the weather out here is so lovely. Usually is very hot in FL, but the weather has been amazing. I am getting ready for a huge event called “Hispanicize” which I will be sharing more on an upcoming post, but for today I will be sharing about my latest work out obsession…..INDOOR CYCLING!!!

If you haven’t been able or do not know what indoor cycling is, you need to check it out. I will go ahead and share what is about because is important to know and what you will be getting yourself into, which is fun and a great work out. Indoor cycling is a form of exercise with classes focusing on strength, intervals and high intensity using a bicycle. They also use some weights, and the instructors guide you throughout the process.

It was my first time attending an indoor cycling class, and I was a bit scared. But honestly one of the instructors “Valentina” who was a total badass in the class, told us that we were going to make it and survive. The event that I attended was at CycleBar located in Winter Park, FL. It was hosted by BFM Social Influencers who creates events to help business, and influencers collaborate and grow out their brands. They are based out of California, and they put this event together so well.

I personally felt like I was a rockstar. From the moment we all walked in, we were greeted by the owner Lauren, and a couple of the instructors. We were given a cute tank top, and we had assigned lockers with our names on it so we could place our personal items inside. 

I thought I was going to die in this class, but since I dance and work out it wasn’t that bad. It was challenging specially when we started using weights, but the music, the energy in the room, the way the instructors were pushing us to be the best was amazing. As women we struggle a lot with our weight, we take our bodies for granted a lot, and being in a room full of women and pushing each other was inspiring. Honestly I needed this class because I get bored of going to the gym, and I don’t like routine.

After the awesome indoor cycling experience, CycleBar had some goodie bags mimosas and snacks. They really took care of us influencers, and gave us a great experience overall.

On site there were some brands that provided their products in our goodie bags.

Kendra Scott

Just Blow it Orlando

Clean Juice


Bulla Gastro Bar

The Glass Knife Winter Park


What a great event and experience. Thank you to  BFM Social & CycleBar, if you are in the Orlando, Fl area or planning to visit I highly recommend that you visit CycleBar . Also if you want to change your work out routine, take an indoor cycling course. It will help you so much, and it’s so much fun. I hope you guys enjoyed this post. Have a great week friends!!


with love,

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by BFM Social, all opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. Nikki Arnold

    Thats so awesome looks like you had a fun time!! I can’t wait to start my cycling up soon!!

    1. Kreadiv Misfit

      Yeah it was so much fun!! You are going to love it <3

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