NYFW Fall 2018 Favorite Looks

Happy March friends! 

Where did February go? I feel like I didn’t even see last month, it just went away with the wind. I am grateful to say that the season that I’m in has taught me a lot, and I keep learning new things and growing everyday as a creative. When seasons change it’s hard but we learn so much about ourselves and how we can react to it. Since last year I had all this plans, and I was saving money for NYFW (New York fashion week). I had written a couple of pitches to email to new designers, showrooms and I was planning my NYFW experience. I was invited to three shows, but unfortunately my life experienced some changes and I couldn’t go. Sometimes as much as you want something, you have to be smart and think realistically. I decided not to go because I knew I had other things to take care of and I really wanted to continue to work on my brand.

A lot of people were asking me if I was attending and I just had to give a simple answer. I had to ask myself why do I really want to go to NYFW? Since the expansion and popularity of social media, we have more access to what’s going on in the world. I remember when I used to read about NYFW and dreamed of attending. There were no websites showcasing collections, not live streaming or any other platforms where you were informed. People were either informed by reading newspapers & magazines about shows or by private invitation. Now a days I feel like NYFW is more accessible to people, and is not so private as it used to be. So what do you do if you cannot physically attend the shows and parties? I will share with you today how to stay up to date, and keep up with all of your favorite designers from the comfort of your home, office, studio which ever you choose, and also sharing illustrations of my  favorite looks from the runway. I want to give a shout out to my friend Jordan Little who is a dancer & fashion enthusiastic, he advised me to share about NYFW and how to attend without actually being there.


http://nyfw.com/ For the schedules, live and recap videos- You can also download the app and watch the shows from your phone.







Now you can follow hashtags so you wont miss a thing! You can also look up any designer under a hashtag and find any content on their work.










Here are my illustrations that I created with my favorite looks from Phillip Lim, Zimmermann, John Elliot, Creatures of Comfort, Ulla Johnson and Oscar de la Renta.

There were so many great  collections but these were my favorite. Each designer had such a unique touch and story behind it. Designers along with their team work so hard to create and showcase their work, for me watching the shows it’s inspiring. It’s more than the clothes, it’s seeing how designers create different looks, cuts, the fabrics and connect their stories with their brands. I encourage you to check out some shows if you haven’t yet, and if you are interested in attending fashion week or working it as a volunteer check out http://nyfw.com/ for information. Don’t get discouraged if you haven’t been able to attend, you can keep up in so many ways, specially social media. I will definitely be attending in September and will create another post on how to attend shows, and get your foot in the door. If you watched any shows or attended what were your favorite looks? Thank you so much for taking the time and reading my post, have a great week friends!

with love,




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  1. Nikki Arnold

    This is awesome babe!! There are so many ways to keep up on the trends without attending, esp with social media and websites. Its so much work to go and so many ppl try now that its not what it used to be I here. I do love NY, but fashion week is hectic and I don’t wear runway pieces anyways.

    1. Kreadiv Misfit

      Thanks Nikki, yes NYFW is hectic, and it’s helpful to lay back sometimes and use other resources to catch up with shows and stay updated.:)

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