Quarantine Diaries Part II


Greetings from the continuation of the quarantine. Even though I have been out to the store, it is very weird to not do normal things. Quarantine is a word that I once heard in a movie, but I never thought that I would live it.

In my previous post, things were a bit weird. I honestly don’t know where I stood with this whole quarantine situation. It started productively, then it was a bit overwhelming and I just decided to let go and let God. I remember praying and saying “God I don’t know, but you know so do your thing”. So I started to take it slow, to wake up until my body woke up, to make myself a good breakfast, and to enjoy my coffee. Watching a bit of tv here and there, writing down my plan for the day. I started my design IG page (KreadivMisfitDesigns), just for my design work, I got back into sewing and creating, and I been consistently working out.

Working Out

It has been key to my quarantine life right now. Working out at least 4x a week has helped me so much in all the ways. Even before this pandemic, I was going to the gym every day, but I feel like I have seen more results now. Mentally it has made me stronger, I haven’t had time to think of any negative thoughts, or wondering about what would happen after this.

Beauty Routine Upgrade

One day driving with my husband I came across an article in regards to beauty routines in your 30’s. Yes, I take care of my skin but not good enough and since I been in this whole leveling up season and taking advantage of the free time I started doing my research. I found some good info about beauty routines in your 30’s and basic products you need. It takes me a little longer but knowing that I’m taking better care of my asking makes me feel loved.

Spending some ME time

My husband has been working, so I been spending a lot of time on my own. Some people have asked me if I don’t get bored or feel sad about being alone, but I actually don’t mind. I have an everyday routine where it helps me to stay focus and even though we are home it is good to find your ME time, ME time to think, to process, to reflect, and to plan.

Is anyone out there reading this? comments? what have you been dealing with on this quarantine craziness? let me know!


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