Hello March!

January & February was a blur. It felt like they were the longest months. Happy 2019, my dear friends. Sometimes I ask myself is anyone reading my post?  is my post helpful? I feel like every content creator, blogger or writer hits that wall of not knowing. Blogging has become a platform for me to share what I know, what I like and to share my creativity. But it’s a platform that has become saturated and kind of competitive. I have been able to make friends, attend fun events, and work with different brands. But I know there is much more to it. March is going to be a busy month, I’m moving to a new place, getting back into my work out routine and committing more to the things that I truly enjoy, like blogging.

The next level

This March I want to go to the next level with my blog. I want to create content that is helpful for you my friends, I want to work with brands and grow my numbers. Why? because I want to make blogging my other steady side hustle. I enjoy and appreciate my job, but I’m trying to do some things on my own that I know it will help me in my future.

The Truth

If you want to become a blogger, let me just say is NOT EASY. Don’t get caught up on the pretty IG feeds, and cool websites. Blogging is a full-time job, most of the time you are on your own. It takes a lot of time and dedication. You have to be very committed and have a strong voice.

This Month

In March I’m making the commitment to really put some work into my blog. I want to share more about my everyday routine, what I use, what I have learned and various things that can give you more insight into who Kreadiv Misfit is. This journey has not been easy, it has taken a lot of me. it was challenged me in many ways, but I enjoy it. I truly enjoy creating content so I won’t stop no matter what. Even if I just get one person that writes on my comments I know that I will get there because blogging is not dead, and it is a great place to help others.

Maybe this will be a way for me to connect more with your friends, to find my way back into content creation and move into that next level. I get caught up on my everyday worries and forget sometimes on the things that I enjoy doing. I encourage you to commit to something this March, share with me on the comments below what are you committing to. It feels good to be back, I promise I won’t go ghost on you guys anymore.

with love,



Christmas on a budget is important. The holidays not only bring joy and happiness. They also bring stress and debt. I was having a conversation with my friend, and she was trying to get approval for another credit card to buy Christmas gifts. She feels ashamed of going home and not buying her whole family gifts. The gifts that she was mentioning did not sound any affordable and she was already stressing. Inspired by the conversation that we had, I decided to create this post and I am sharing my tips on how to use your creativity and stay on budget.

Find the right places

Finding the right places to shop is key. As much as I love the mall, it can be expensive. Take a trip to a local boutique in your area. Also, check out stores likes hobby lobby, the dollar store, the $1 section from Target and Amazon. I am sure you can find some great deals to during Black Friday or Cyber Monday, so take advantage of that as well. You can make smaller gifts for your friends & co-workers. Last year I remember I invested in some nice gifts for my parents and my brother. To my friends and other family members, I got them some cute gifts that weren’t expensive. Also, look up blogs for DIY gifts:  places like Pinterest & Youtube have some great tutorials.

Get creative with your cards

There are so many cute & fancy cards out there, but let’s keep it real not a lot of people will keep them. Christmas cards can be pricey sometimes, so I encourage you to get some nice paper for cards at your nearest crafts store, Joann’s or Michaels.  Usually, they have apps that you can download for free and use their coupons. Get some stickers, some paint and create your cards! not only it will help your creative self to make something, but a personalized card will go along the way and people will appreciate it more.

I know some of you (like me…cough cough) are doing some last minute Christmas shopping. I advise you not to freak out, and be smart about your purchases, the people in your life will appreciate anything you give them. I hope you guys enjoy this post and let me know how you stay on budget or what things do you create during the holidays. Merry Christmas friends <3

with love,


Also, here is a little last minute gift guide in just in case you need some ideas:

A little Life Update!

Hello Friends! I am back. It has been two months since I have written anything. I write an email every day but it doesn’t count. I missed blogging, to be honest with you guys not creating content was rough. Also, I felt like a big failure because I was doing so well then life happened and I had to take a break. So here is my life update, keeping it real and honest.

The Instagram feed shows the cool places, yummy food and perfect outfit one can have. But not everything is like that, there are everyday struggles and we don’t have to share them with the world but sometimes it’s okay. I think I tried to keep my blog as a perfect life IG feed but is not like that. I was comparing myself with a lot of other bloggers and content creators, & that is not okay. So I decided to hold back a little bit and take a break.

During my not blogging break, I have been working a lot. Three months ago I was given the opportunity to start a new adventure with Disney. Who doesn’t love Disney? Well, let me tell you that since the first time in 1994 that  I visited the Magic Kingdom, my dream was to work as a performer in the parades. The dream came true and I worked in the past as a performer, after two years I had to go because I was moving and finishing college. After working different jobs, doing gigs and hustling because there is no other word I can use, I received a phone call from the Disney costuming department. I have been applying to that department since I was in College, many years ago and with time and patience, I was able to get in.

Let me tell you guys that the wait was worth it. I have been able to work in different areas of the fashion industry, I was getting discouraged because I couldn’t find anything stable, but God is so good and opened the door I was waiting for. I work in the creative costuming department of Disney, and it’s so much fun. I have learned so much and have met so many creative individuals.

I also have another part-time job with the NBA Orlando Magic, and I continue to do some freelancing on the side. Do you see why I keep saying blogging is hard and takes a lot of time when you work a lot? So trying to balance work, personal time, and relationships is hard.

Another great thing that has happened in my life is that I met someone. I am very particular about sharing my personal life, but since you guys are my friends and support my content then why not give you a full life update. We started dating 8 months ago, and it has been great. We are not perfect, we have disagreements but honestly friends this guy has been a blessing to my life.

My whole life I been focused on my career, work and making it happen. I dated and had a couple of boyfriends but nothing that serious because they were either cheaters, didn’t know what they wanted or “I was too much for them” yeah I know… I always wanted to be in a serious relationship, and being single for a long time was not easy but it paid off. I can honestly say that I have enjoyed life, family and friends. Now that I am with someone who is serious, knows what he wants and is committed I can devote my time to him. He is an honest, respectful, kind, and sweet soul!

So if you are single and have been through really hard times, and you want to give up on love. Let me tell you something, it will arrive when you least expect it. Learn about yourself, about what you want out of life, and don’t lose your hope. God’s timing is perfect!

I am in a really good place right now. Learning how to balance each department of my life. Learning how to care about me, not letting myself be the last because is not healthy and I was doing that. I am more assertive and confident in my decisions. Also, life changes every day and I am enjoying every second as much as I can.

So what is coming up? I want to write and share more with you guys about creativity, fashion of course, my love for entrepreneurship and if you enjoy life updates as well. So stay tuned for more content! Let me know your thoughts, any life updates from you and what are you looking forward to this upcoming new year.


with love,


Keeping Track of Time with my Mockberg Watch

Hello Friends!

Hope you guys are having a great month of June. June is a very special month for me because it’s my birthday!! in two weeks I shall be celebrating another new year of life, and it’s scary. But exciting at the same time. Earlier this year I was able to attend a great event in Miami hosted by iDeal of Sweden. The event was so nice, full of great decorations, the restaurant were it was hosted was beautiful and they gave us a goodie bag full of great products. In the bag there was a watch from Mockberg. The brand is all about simplicity, sophistication and quality, they are from Sweden and all of their products are created with the versatility to go from a regular work day to a night out event.

I have worn watches here and there but never made it an everyday accessory. I love how simple and classic my new Elise watch makes my outfit look, I chose a silver color because I love silver and also because it goes with a lot of pieces from my closet. It’s a bold & simple piece at the same time, made of steel and woven mesh.


If you are looking for a perfect gift, or a great accessory for your wardrobe I highly suggest you guys check out Mockberg. Great products made out of great quality and so stylish. You can also my code “kreadivmisfit” for 15% off your purchase until September 9. I hope you guys enjoyed this post and have a great week.

with love,


Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Mockberg. All opinions are 100% my own.

Indoor Cycling with CycleBar Winter Park!

Hi Friends!! Greetings from the beautiful Miami, FL. I just arrived today and the weather out here is so lovely. Usually is very hot in FL, but the weather has been amazing. I am getting ready for a huge event called “Hispanicize” which I will be sharing more on an upcoming post, but for today I will be sharing about my latest work out obsession…..INDOOR CYCLING!!!

If you haven’t been able or do not know what indoor cycling is, you need to check it out. I will go ahead and share what is about because is important to know and what you will be getting yourself into, which is fun and a great work out. Indoor cycling is a form of exercise with classes focusing on strength, intervals and high intensity using a bicycle. They also use some weights, and the instructors guide you throughout the process.

It was my first time attending an indoor cycling class, and I was a bit scared. But honestly one of the instructors “Valentina” who was a total badass in the class, told us that we were going to make it and survive. The event that I attended was at CycleBar located in Winter Park, FL. It was hosted by BFM Social Influencers who creates events to help business, and influencers collaborate and grow out their brands. They are based out of California, and they put this event together so well.

I personally felt like I was a rockstar. From the moment we all walked in, we were greeted by the owner Lauren, and a couple of the instructors. We were given a cute tank top, and we had assigned lockers with our names on it so we could place our personal items inside. 

I thought I was going to die in this class, but since I dance and work out it wasn’t that bad. It was challenging specially when we started using weights, but the music, the energy in the room, the way the instructors were pushing us to be the best was amazing. As women we struggle a lot with our weight, we take our bodies for granted a lot, and being in a room full of women and pushing each other was inspiring. Honestly I needed this class because I get bored of going to the gym, and I don’t like routine.

After the awesome indoor cycling experience, CycleBar had some goodie bags mimosas and snacks. They really took care of us influencers, and gave us a great experience overall.

On site there were some brands that provided their products in our goodie bags.

Kendra Scott

Just Blow it Orlando

Clean Juice


Bulla Gastro Bar

The Glass Knife Winter Park


What a great event and experience. Thank you to  BFM Social & CycleBar, if you are in the Orlando, Fl area or planning to visit I highly recommend that you visit CycleBar . Also if you want to change your work out routine, take an indoor cycling course. It will help you so much, and it’s so much fun. I hope you guys enjoyed this post. Have a great week friends!!


with love,

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by BFM Social, all opinions are 100% my own.

Sharing My Creative Process

Happy April everyone! I know I am a bit late but I have taken some time to catch up with life. March was a very busy month for me. I had some great opportunities, last minute trips, and major disappointments. But through it all I made it, and it made me stronger, wiser and aware of what I really want in life. This month is flying by so before It gets any crazier, my goal is to continue to blog beneficial content for you. As you guys know I am a creative. The reason why I started this blog was to share my creativity with you guys. Creativity is not only about drawing, painting, or making something. For me it’s about creating something out of nothing, example writing this post I am using creativity. If you think about it everything around us has required creativity, we all use it all the time and sometimes we don’t even notice. 

As an entrepreneur I have learned that with every job, or gig I do there is a process. So today I am sharing with you my creative process when creating a fashion illustration. YES! Fashion illustration has really given me an outlet to express on how I feel about fashion, what I look in an image or source before creating a piece, and also it’s very important what tools I use. I hope you enjoy it so here it is!


Deciding the style is important for me. If is a piece I want to create to share on IG or my portfolio, I like to take my time and think of what kind of illustration I want to make. It can be women’s wear, or mens, streetwear or from the runway. After deciding what kind of style I am creating, I look on Pinterest, or google for images that I can illustrate or gain inspiration to create one.

 I use a sketchbook and write any ideas based on my inspiration, or start sketching. I like to use colorful pens to write any notes or anything specific to help me in the process.

Headphones are blasting and I start sketching right away. I use a combination of different pencils, and pens to outline my work at the end.

Sometimes I like to use different mediums. Mediums are different materials that are used to create a work of art. Previously I have used oil paints, acrylics, and watercolors.

Mixing different mediums gives your work and process a different touch.

Copic Markers  have been my favorite recently. They are non-toxic, alcohol-based ink colors that are refillable, and have to sides. I really like them because they make my illustrations look more professional, and the color looks great on paper.

There are so many markers out there that you can use. When I was in college I used Prismacolor, which have two sides as well, and they are great too. Sometimes the color doesn’t blend to well, but if is something that I just want to draw really quick, I like to use these.
Before using markers, I used color pencils. Rendering certain pieces bring details alive.

After picking out what tools I’m going to use, I like to draw my sketch and use different references in case I am struggling on drawing certain parts.

Sometimes hands and feet are challenging for me. I go back to images I have sketched in the past, and it’s helpful so everything looks balance and not off.

After sketching my look, balancing proportions, coloring, rendering and taking care of any details, BAM! my sketch comes alive. This is from an original runway look from Fendi. To clean up lines, or any minor details I like to scan it and use photoshop, I also use apps like VSCO for any edits when sharing my work on my Instagram.

There you have it, my creative process on creating fashion illustrations. This process takes me about 2-3 hours, of course when I am not on a tight deadline or doing a live sketching event. I like to take my time and really enjoy the process, nothing should be forced when creating. I hope you guys enjoyed this post, let me know what’s your creative process, and how does it help you! I honestly love and enjoy reading your feedback. Have a great rest of the week and create create no matter what!!.


with love,



Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored. All opinions are a 100% my own. It does include a few affiliate links.

Nail Care with Little Ondine

Hello Friends!

(This post is sponsored by Little Ondine)

A few weeks ago I went to get my nails done. I wanted to get a manicure, and just keep it simple. Before that visit I had gotten a manicure and the nail technician had recommended gel, she said it would last longer and of course it was a bit of more money. I always like to invest in quality and I went ahead and did gel. To be honest with you guys I didn’t know what gel was, it was honestly my first time getting gel on a manicure. To continue with my story and get to the point haha on my last visit the lady started to place each finger on aluminum paper. I am very sensitive to that paper, and I was honestly hating the whole process. So I asked what was she doing on my nails, why did she have to do that, and she went to explain the process of gel and how it hinders your nails. I was in awe to hear that yeah it is helpful that your gel nail polish will last longer, but it takes two layers of your natural nails, and makes them weak. Let’s not forget the UV (ultraviolet) light used to dry nails can increase the risk of skin cancer.

I also found out that you get charged extra for having the gel removed from your nails, if you don’t get them done again. I got the gel removed, got a simple nail polish and went home to do my research. Google will give you so many answers and information in regards to what is true and what is false, so you really have to find the true sources. I was in shock to find out so many things in regards to getting your nails done, of course it is nice but be aware of what you are putting on your nails, and where you are getting them done. It all starts in the facility where you get your nails done, is the place clean? organize? when they start working on your nails do they have gloves on? do they have new un-use tools? what kind of nail polish are they using? yes I know is a lot, but there are so many stories of people getting their nails done, and later on having issues like infections, or allergic reactions from the chemicals that are used. For more information check out this article: http://iuhealth.org/news-hub/detail/3-potential-health-dangers-of-using-gel-nail-polish-during-your-manicure/#.Wq2ZMZPwZPc.

Now if you do your own nails at home, you also have to be aware of how long have you had your nail polish and when to toss it. I found this great article on fitness magazine in regards to when it is time to throw away your nail polish. There are multiple chemicals on nail polish that none of us are aware of, and if you keep it for too long they go bad and can damage your nails and skin. If you have time check this article out, it will help you out. https://www.fitnessmagazine.com/health/germs/when-to-throw-out-everyday-household-products/

If you have nail polish that has been opened and about two years older, you gotta toss it out. You can see sometimes see how the nail polish translates on a nail and if it looks weird don’t keep it. Usually nail polish has a year of expiration date. If you go to the dollar store or any places where you can get nail polish for cheap, just be aware of the quality of the product, and just know that there are so many chemicals that can later on hinder your health. Try to invest in nail polish that is of good lasting quality and that won’t harm your nails. For me my hands are my work, I didn’t really think about it until I did this research and realized that this is my health, I should really care on what I put on and use.  After hours of reading up and learning, I found out that there are companies creating organic nail products. YAY!!!! and found Little Ondine.

A company that creates all natural water-based formula which doesn’t sacrifice your health. It’s eco-friendly, easy to peel off very easy and doesn’t leave your nails weak or anything. The first time I took off the nail polish, it didn’t hurt and it was very easy.  Just toss it in the trash and you are done. It is odor free, not funky smells which is hard to  believe, quick drying and very bold and pretty colors. They use natural ingredients free of toxins. 

Little Ondine provided all the colors for this post! they sent me the pinky mermaid, morning glory, blue danube (which I am wearing on these photos), admiration, red red wine, and secret which is a glossy top coat.

I recently traveled and the nail polish is easy to carry, also to put on specially if you are in a rush. It doesn’t take forever to dry which is helpful for us women on the go.

Each nail polish comes in a clear package with instructions inside about the brand and how to apply the product. I highly recommend to read it, and when applying do at least 2-3 layers specially for bright colors, that way you can see them more.

How pretty are the colors right?! I am so happy I got to collaborate with this brand. It’s so beneficial to use products that are eco friendly, toxic free and organic. I like to invest in products that will provide quality of course, but that won’t harm my health. I have been using these nail polishes for about three weeks since I received them, and they are so great. Even my mother has used some colors, and she loved them. I am very happy and I highly recommend them. I am also sharing with you guys a 15% off on any regular priced colors using my code: KATHY15  1 use per user. I hope you guys found this post helpful and remember to keep an eye on what you are putting on your body, have a great weekend friends!!



with love,

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Little Ondine, all opinions are a 100% my own.

Dress up your phone with iDeal of Sweden


Hello Friends!

Today I am sharing a special collaboration with iDeal Sweden. I heard of this brand through a blogger who happened to have a cool and stylish phone cover when I was sketching her outfit at a fashion event. We talked about how sometimes we like to match our accessories with our phone cases and she told me all about the company. I really enjoyed our convo and did my research.

iDeal of Sweden is a Swedish company that specializes on creating fashion and lifestyle products  for cell phone accessories. They find inspiration from fashion shows, and trade shows and design great phone accessories that can match any of your outfits. All their products are made in Sweden and  I highly recommend that you go read all about them, and check out their products. 

This is the Port Laurent Marble case. It came in a clear case that kept the cover protected. You can tell that the company truly invest in quality products because there was not a single scratch or dent on it, it came with a personal note and with a little booklet with more information about the brand. 

The case inside has a suede cover that makes it easy to slide the phone in.

Isn’t it cool!? I love the combination of colors, the black background (black is one of my favorite colors) and the touch of gold, blue and that dash of brown. If you didn’t know marble is a huge trend right now, specially for phone accessories. So get on the Marble train friends! 


I know this case will go with my outfits very well, but I also wanted to create an illustration inspired by it. 

She is wearing a wrap skirt, a two tone t-shirt with some embroidery pieces inspired by the marble on the case, and a denim jacket. She has some simple accessories as a gold bandana tight around her neck, circle sunglasses, and mid-high boots.

My phone is always with me, it’s nice to see how sleek it looks and how great it will go with a lot of pieces in my wardrobe. Dressing your phone can be fun, and if you like my case as much as I do, you can now save 20% off by using promo code USWINTER and get a stylish case for your phone. They also have matching chargers, power banks, USB ports for your car and wallet cases. Have a great rest of the week!

with love,


Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by iDeal of Sweden, all opinions are 100% my own.


Just Keep Going!

Where did January go? I just realized when I looked at my planner and saw that on Friday February begins. I wanted to create a simple post where I could share a little life update, and also some encouragement. I love to create post sharing a product, tips, and other cool things but sometimes I like to write from the heart and keep it just real. Social media sometimes makes us feel like everyone is living the “perfect” life. To be honest a lot of us don’t even show half of the things that we are going through, we just share our good moments, and yeah there is a balance in sharing so that is why I am doing this life update, and changing the pace a little bit.

This month has been very challenging in all the areas of my life. Emotionally, financially and spiritually but I’m not going to go in details because that is TMI, and I don’t think you want to read that much lol! So I am going to start with the closed doors and the rejection that I have been facing. I’m Sure you have had moments where you question everything in your life, and you don’t get why you haven’t been able to get that dream job, opportunity or why did that person rejected you.
I don’t think no one is ready for that. It takes a toll in your life, and personally I have had my moments where I been wanting to quit. This morning I woke up in some sort of funk, and I had to get up, go for a walk and listen to a podcast. It helped me to go outside and clear out my head a little bit, the funny thing is that the podcast I was listening to was from a pastor in Miami talking about how “There is more to NO and closed doors”. Even on my feed on Instagram a quote appeared that said “Don’t stress about the closed doors behind you. New doors are opening if you keep moving forward”.It was a sign so I had to share this on today’s post.

I created this illustration and wrote all the words that come to mind when I get a big NO or some door closes. I mixed some mediums like acrylic and oils for this and while I was painting, it reminded me that life is a process. This journey is not easy and while I waited for the paint to dry a little bit, it hit me that this painting process is like life, all we can do is be patient, have faith and not give up. It’s easy to say, but that is why we share our stories to remind each other how can we overcome and persevere.

If you are going through a similar season, let me just tell you that you are not alone. A lot of us are in this together, facing constant challenges and we cannot give up. It hit me hard that doors of close friendships and opportunities have been shut in my face, and I just have to let it go. I was kind of hurt and wanted to hold on some resentment but it’s not worth it. Doors close for better doors to open and I will continue to believe in that.

So my dear friends today I encourage you to let it go, keep moving forward, do whatever you need to do and keep applying to that job, make that move, take that leap of faith, pray, spend time with your love ones and just enjoy the season you are in no matter the circumstances. God has greater doors for you, so don’t be discouraged. I hope you guys enjoyed this post, and keep going no matter what!.

with love,