Dress up your phone with iDeal of Sweden


Hello Friends!

Today I am sharing a special collaboration with iDeal Sweden. I heard of this brand through a blogger who happened to have a cool and stylish phone cover when I was sketching her outfit at a fashion event. We talked about how sometimes we like to match our accessories with our phone cases and she told me all about the company. I really enjoyed our convo and did my research.

iDeal of Sweden is a Swedish company that specializes on creating fashion and lifestyle products  for cell phone accessories. They find inspiration from fashion shows, and trade shows and design great phone accessories that can match any of your outfits. All their products are made in Sweden and  I highly recommend that you go read all about them, and check out their products. 

This is the Port Laurent Marble case. It came in a clear case that kept the cover protected. You can tell that the company truly invest in quality products because there was not a single scratch or dent on it, it came with a personal note and with a little booklet with more information about the brand. 

The case inside has a suede cover that makes it easy to slide the phone in.

Isn’t it cool!? I love the combination of colors, the black background (black is one of my favorite colors) and the touch of gold, blue and that dash of brown. If you didn’t know marble is a huge trend right now, specially for phone accessories. So get on the Marble train friends! 


I know this case will go with my outfits very well, but I also wanted to create an illustration inspired by it. 

She is wearing a wrap skirt, a two tone t-shirt with some embroidery pieces inspired by the marble on the case, and a denim jacket. She has some simple accessories as a gold bandana tight around her neck, circle sunglasses, and mid-high boots.

My phone is always with me, it’s nice to see how sleek it looks and how great it will go with a lot of pieces in my wardrobe. Dressing your phone can be fun, and if you like my case as much as I do, you can now save 20% off by using promo code USWINTER and get a stylish case for your phone. They also have matching chargers, power banks, USB ports for your car and wallet cases. Have a great rest of the week!

with love,


Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by iDeal of Sweden, all opinions are 100% my own.