The Fanny Pack Trend is Here To Stay

The Fanny Pack Trend is Here To Stay

Today talking about the fanny pack trend and how is here to stay. But before I start let me say hello, my dear friends! Oh, how I missed writing and sharing with you guys. I know I always say that it has been a while, but it has been a couple of weeks since my last post which was saying goodbye to my 20’s. In my new season, I have experienced so much change, having t balance it all has been rough. Besides trying to do it all, you know I keep an eye on trends & whatever is going on in the fashion world. It is very important for me to share about it because I am passionate about style. I want to share with you guys helpful information, so the first time I saw the fanny pack trend was around December of last year somewhere. I want to say it was at a show or a post, but to best honest, I was never into fanny packs. The first fanny pack I ever owned was when I was little and it was just used to go to Disney and carry my autograph book.

The Fanny Pack Trend is everywhere

Now everywhere I look there is someone rocking a fanny pack!! Either wearing it the original way or across the body. Not only women are wearing fanny packs but men as well which is great to see. Right now New York Men’s Fashion Week is happening and all I see on my feed since I follow the hashtags is guys rocking their stylish outfits with a fanny pack.

About two weeks ago I went to a fashion event, and found a waterproofed fanny pack! this was a win for me, I wanted a fanny pack to add to my wardrobe, a versatile piece.

You might be thinking “that is not my style, or I can’t ever wear that” but don’t be discouraged. Style is about taking risk, trying new things, mixing new pieces with old ones and being yourself.

The Fanny Pack is here to stay, is not going anywhere yet so if you want to try it, do it!  There are so many places selling fanny packs right now, so find one that you can afford of course and the one that speaks to you.

Here how I style mine! Let me know what you guys think of this fanny pack trend, do you like it or is it something you are scared to try??

Have a great week friends!

with love,

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  1. Kiara

    Love love!!! You rock anything tho 😉

    1. Kreadiv Misfit

      Thank you so much girl!!

  2. Kelly

    Love it, Kathy! This is so creative. I’ve never seen such a chic fanny pack. I like how you styled it. 🙂 This reminds me of a small business owner who designs bags, and sure enough, fanny packs are part of his collection! That was the first time I’d seen it in person. Here’s a link to check it out sometime: As always, great post, Kathy!

    1. Kreadiv Misfit

      Thank you so much for your words. Glad you enjoyed it! I’m definitely going to check it out 🙂

  3. Nikki

    I am really loving this trend making a come back! I wasn’t sure about it at first, but there are so many stylish ones now that I need to get one for myself!

    1. Kreadiv Misfit

      Yes!! there are so many cute ones out there! You should definitely get one <3

  4. Yaniel Arroyo

    Ok so I wasn’t so sure about getting one and now I DEFINITELY need one in my LIFE. You are definitely rocking it boo!!!

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