Welcome 2018!


 1st Illustration of the year! Inspired by a photograph I found at Nylon Magazine online. Added my own little twist to it by drawing my fave books.
Hello Friends…

Happy New Year! I cannot believe that 2018 is here. Time is really flying by and we have to continue to do the best that we can. I hope you guys had a great time during the holidays, and now we are all back to work. I have to say 2017 was a year of many many losses for me. Even though it was a challenging year, there were some major accomplishments and I am proud to say that 80%  of my goals were met. Today January 2nd I took some time to write my goals for this new year, keeping it realistic and simple. I shared some tips on my Instagram stories but definitely I will be creating a blog post soon sharing how and what I use to create my goals.

Starting this new year there has been some big changes in my life already, and life has already shifted in some interesting ways. I realized that this year I have to kick comfort out of my life and face change so I can see progress. I am very excited for this year, praying and hoping for great opportunities, growth, and peace. I encourage you that whatever you are struggling with,  it will pass and you will make it through. You are not alone because I am facing some challenges right now and I will overcome them, so we are in this together friends.

Be encourage to set your goals, this is a new day, a new week, a new year, a new month. We are starting fresh so no more looking back and only looking forward. So what can you guys expect from me this month? well you shall see me here more! I will create and post more content. Content that you guys can find beneficial, and of course sharing bits and pieces of my life. I got a content calendar and I am committed to follow it, for the love of blogging and the appreciation I have for you guys. If you guys have any suggestions, ideas or anything you would like me to blog about, please let me know down below in the comment box.

Blessings and the best wishes for you guys on this new year! Let’s make it happen. <3

 From the heart,


Kreadiv Misfit 


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  1. Nikki Arnold

    Sounds like a great start to the new year!! Totally using some of your organization tips from your stories babe! Happy 2018!!

    1. Kreadiv Misfit

      Thanks for the love Nikki! Wishing you the best for the new year. Glad you enjoyed the tips <3

  2. Kelly at Twentysomething Vision

    Nice job, Kathy! Can’t wait to see more of your posts this year. You’ve got this!

    1. Kreadiv Misfit

      Thank you so much Kelly!!

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